Map Description

We want to be able to show easy-to-understand maps so that one can effectively explore multiple data sets on a large scale and create hypotheses about possible links between elements before then taking it to a more complex data analysis tool. Even though the project started out as a data visualization of HA1c data, it has morphed into a much more generalized tool that can be used to visualized any data sats. At the moment, the data sets being using are HA1c poke ratio and migrant housing, but any number of data sets could be used and compared in the future. See the of the repository for more details.

The Hemoglobin A1c (HA1c) test is a blood test measuring the average blood sugar level over the past 2 to 3 months, and is used to see how well a person's diabetes is being controlled. Poke ratio is a ratio represented by the average number of tests done per patient over the number of tests, with an ideal number of 4 tests per year per patient. The Medicare billing data used in this project is collected in 2013. The maps below show poke ratio (left) and migrant housing (right) by Blue-White Scale, while areas without any data available are in grey. You may change the gradient level and colors for more details.

Play around with the data! To navigate the map simply click on any state to enter the state and view county data. To return to the Country Map, click on the state again or click on Reload Map Button. You can pan by dragging the map around and zoom by scrolling. See if you can find any patterns between the two.

* Note - The zoom function is not compatible with Mozilla Firefox.

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